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Congratulations to the successful conclusion of the 2022 Indonesia Mining Machinery Exhibition!

With the successful conclusion of the 16th Mining of Indonesia in September 2022, Haian Group has completed the wonderful appearance of this exhibition.

In this exhibition, the booth of Haian Group attracted a lot of visitors. The staff passionately interacted with the visitors, showing the characteristics and advantages of our tire products in an all-round way. The world's largest OTR tire, 59/80R63, the star of the exhibition, caused a sensation at the scene, attracting countless fans.

The exhibition had been lasting for three days while Haian Group consolidated the existing cooperation relationship and developed the potential customers, which laid the foundation for further market expansion. Many customers have shown strong cooperation intention, at the same time, peers and local media also came to explore.

*Indonesia Tire Magazine, a local media, was interviewing Mr. Liao, who is the director of PT. Luan Tire Indonesia.

*Relevant news reports published by Indonesia Tire Magazine on its official website.Luan Tire Indonesia Display Lineup Ban OTR Di Mining Indonesia 2022 (indonesiatiremag.com)

Haian Group will not stop the pace of expanding the world territory with innovate,professional attitude and ability, to bring better experience for our customers. Looking forward to meeting you at the next exhibition!

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